Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mad Minute

Some classes do a "Two Minute Drill" to help reinforce math facts. Students have two minutes to solve 50 math facts. Everyone begins with +1 facts. In order to move to the next quiz, students can only miss two questions. If a student misses more than two questions on a drill, they will have the same paper the next day. As facts are mastered, students move from +1 to +2, to +3... all the way up to +10. Then we do subtraction facts, -1 through -10, followed by mixed addition facts, then mixed subtraction facts, multiplication, and division.

The purpose of the Two Minute Drill is to help students rapidly recall addition and subtraction facts. Since math facts were introduced in first grade, third grade students should not count on their fingers to solve addition or subtraction problems.

To help prepare for the Two Minute Drill, you can practice with the actual sheets we use in class. These pages can be printed and cut down the middle for two practice sheets. Addition and subtraction facts should be mastered by the end of third grade. Good luck!

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